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Cranberry Lip Balm – Natural solution to treat chapped and cracked lips

Cranberry Lip Balm

Cranberry Lip Balm – Natural solution to treat chapped and cracked lips

Cranberry Lip Balm is a natural remedy for chapped and cracked lips. It contains cranberries that are clinically proven to be effective for lips. Chapped lips can be a major source of embarrassment. Rough lips are unpleasant to the touch, regardless of whether they are caused by poor air quality or temperature, allergies, or abuse of improper lip products. Rough lips are also uncomfortable to the touch.

Cranberry is a naturally hydrating and non-toxic substance that can be used to treat dry, chapped lips. When applied to the lips, it does not dry them out as many other components in lip balms have the tendency to do. It’s a substance that has proven to be effective in clinical studies.

Here are some of the advantages of using Cranberry Lip Balm:

  • Provides Extra Hydration: Cranberry is extremely good for lip care due to its high concentration of fatty acids. It contains a high concentration of oleic, lignoceric, and gondoic acids, all of which are excellent moisturisers for the skin. Furthermore, when used on a daily basis, they can help to repair dry and chapped lips.
  • Provides Protective Barrier: Cranberry also functions as a protective barrier, shielding your lips from the elements such as wind and low temperatures. It shields them from the drying effects of interior heat, which can make lips harsh and painful to the touch. Essentially, it serves to shield them from the weather. Lip balm containing Cranberry may be the answer to your prayers if you’re tired of using lip creams that don’t work and all you want is softer smoother lips.

How To Apply Cranberry To Your Lips?

You may prepare your own lip scrub using a few drops of Cranberry and some sugar granules to get rid of flaky skin on the lips. This is a cost-effective and simple method of treating chapped lips. Making the paste is as simple as taking roughly a teaspoon of pure Cranberry and mixing it with enough sugar granules to transform the solution into a thick paste. Allow for a full two minutes of application of the mixture on the lips. The scrubbing you do will gently exfoliate your lips, making them feel smooth and supple once more.

Make sure to use an all-natural lip balm that contains Cranberry as one of the key ingredients while using it on a daily basis. Lip care therapy, such as applying cranberry lip balm a couple of times weekly, can keep your lips moisturised, hydrated, and soft all throughout the week. Lip balms containing a high concentration of Cranberry will have the component included at the top of the ingredient list or towards the top of the list. To avoid being poisoned, always read the labels to determine what you are placing on your lips.

What Exactly Is Cranberry And How Does It Works?

Cranberry oil is extracted from the seeds of the Cranberry plant, and it is used to make cosmetics. The seeds that are used to extract the oil are located on the female plants of the species. When they become heavy and ripe, they fall to the ground, signalling to the grower that the plants are ready to be harvested.

Cranberry oil was utilised by Native Americans for a variety of purposes. In addition to cooking with it, they used it for hair maintenance, to help treat skin wounds, and to alleviate hunger pangs. Cranberry oil is now being used by a plethora of skincare and cosmetics companies, which recognise its effectiveness. It can be found in just about any type of beauty care product you can think of, including shampoo, hair conditioner, body soap, skin and facial lotion, and so on.

Cranberry Lip Balm Is Safe For Kids

If you are a mother, you want to make sure that your children are safe at all times. If you want your children to use lip balm, cranberry oil is a totally safe option. Keep a stick of lip balm specifically for your children in your handbag so that you may apply it to their lips at any moment of the day if you see that their lips are becoming dry or irritated by the elements. It’s preferable not to share your own lip balm with your youngster unless absolutely necessary. And if you have more than one child, it’s a good idea to identify each tube with a Sharpie Pen so that it doesn’t get mixed up with yours or another child’s lip balm in the future.

Countless people suffer on a daily basis as a result of the fragile skin that covers their lips. Having smooth lips, on the other hand, does not have to be a difficult goal to achieve. And you won’t have to waste any more time looking for lip care products that will only make your lips worse in the long run. Smooth lips are a realistic objective that may be achieved with the correct Cranberry lip balm. Catmac offers a wide range of skin and hair care products in India.

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